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Don’t Become Embarrassed About Queefing While Having Sex

Vagina fart or cooter toot, regardless of what you call them, queefs happen.

If they happen during intercourse, it can be embarrassing. But because mortifying as it’s, queefing during sex completely normal.

Simply so we’re clear, a queef is not actually a fart that is vaginal. A fart is really outcome of microbial gut activity. A queef occurs whenever atmosphere gets caught in your vagina. Your vagina is not a wind tunnel; this has folds called rugae. Think about it like once you place a sticker on in order to find a fresh atmosphere pocket. In the event that you push in the pocket, atmosphere will turn out. Then when an item (little finger, adult toy, penis) is constantly going into the canal that is vaginal it traps atmosphere in there. Upon reduction, your vagina makes an audio it is possible to just compare to a deflating balloon. Regardless of whenever it takes place (and queefs happen anytime), it is awkward. However when it takes place while having sex, it may be super embarrassing.

Queefs occur to me personally all of the time. We call myself “Sir Queefs a complete lot” simply because they just arbitrarily escape. Particularly during intercourse. Really, i’ve therefore numerous tales about queefing during intercourse i possibly could be right here all day. Comprehensive disclosure, I’m in a relationship having a woman and don’t engage in hetero intercourse. Often which means there’s an increased probability of air stepping into my vagina. At this stage, my wife and I simply laugh whenever it takes place. You can easily allow it derail your sexy time, but why? It’s primarily just sound, and it’s harmless while it’s distracting. Like you must acknowledge it, don’t spend a lot of time harping on it if you feel. Continue reading

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