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• we sought out on a first date with a man called Alex.

We knew within a moment of fulfilling him that We wasn’t interested: he was an overall total mansplainer, and there had beenn’t any physical attraction here. Also, the plain things he liked, like computer technology and entrepreneurship, weren’t things we liked. But we’d an agenda to go have a look at some uncommon worldwide food markets in their neighbor hood south of Prospect Park, so we did — and also at every one, he made an enormous hassle over pointing things out to me and telling me personally whatever they had been. Like, “That’s an infant eggplant” or “That’s farmer’s cheese. ” To be honest, I know a lot about food myself — I’m a meals author, actually — and I also discovered their propensity to assume than I did incredibly repulsive that he knew more about everything. Following this supermarket that is horrible (that also made me feel harmful to acting like a cultural tourist — after all, they certainly were supermarkets, but we had been type of treating them like museums, that isn’t cool), the program would be to head to Prospect Park and drink a few beers. Unfortunately, because of the full time we surely got to the park, it absolutely was planning to begin raining, so we were pretty stuck that is much this small shelter when you look at the park awaiting the storm to blow over. It had been here that I knew three essential things: (1) He bore an uncanny physical resemblance to right-wing activist James O’Keefe, (2) He had been a neocon whom thought America had a duty to create freedom to less developed nations, and (3) HE THOUGHT IT had been GOING VERY WELL. Sooner or later, despite all my own body language saying, “Hey man, I’m not into this, ” he kissed me personally, and since we felt literally caught by the thunderstorm, i did son’t stop him. After which I happened to be mad both at him for not being more perceptive in regards to the proven fact that we wasn’t into him as well as myself for perhaps not pressing him away and being more assertive about my boundaries. Continue reading

  • The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
    To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power. “This is not Charlottesville” was the refrain that I heard many times. Our neighbors sought to assure us of this. We had moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, just days after white supremacists’ Unite the Right Rallies shattered the town’s charm. As blatant […]
    Walter Kim
  • John Ortberg’s Church Announces New Investigation
    Leadership apologizes for lack of transparency that eroded trust. Earlier this week, megachurch pastor John Ortberg claimed his congregation had “extensively investigated” concerns about his youngest son and found “no misconduct.” Now elders at Menlo Church, a Northern California congregation of 5,000, say their initial investigation fell short and have announced plans for an additional […]
    Bob Smietana - Religion News Service